January 22, 2012

Wait... who am I?

Hey everyone. Just thought I would check in since it's been quite a while. I've been REALLY busy with school and such. So in order to get back into the writing 'groove' I have a question for you, the readers of my stories.

What I want to know is--- What would you like to see?
Do you want more of Jason E? Or maybe something more like The Air Raid? Or maybe you want something new?  Wizard101 or not? etc.

Just leave your replies in the comments below. Once I get a few responses I will begin working on whatever it is you'd like to see. =)

So until then,

To the Spiral!
- Morgrim Trollfriend

P.S. Also, if you would be so kind as to stop by the bulletin board in the Foyer on your way out and leave a response it would be much appreciated! (Foyer = link, in case you didn't notice) ;)