August 16, 2011

Jason Earthmender : The Conjurer in Training, Chapter 2

I closed my book as I finished reading the assigned pages. As I looked around, I noticed that everyone else had finished at the same time as me. 

That’s kind of weird, I thought.

Moments later, Professor Drake came around and gave back our graded homework. Then he returned to the front of the room and began to tell us our assignment for the night.

“Tonight you are to write a short essay,” he began, “about what you have read today. It will be due at the beginning of class tomorrow.”

The professor walked around his desk and sat down. It was then that I looked down at the sheet he had given to back to me. I glanced at the grade and then continued on to see what errors I had made. It took me a second before it finally registered in my brain what the grade was.

An A minus! I thought with a gasp, Professor Drake never gives anything above a B!

I glanced over at Brandon and saw that he was looking at me with the same surprised expression. I looked back at the sheet and saw that it had a note. It read, Meet me before class tomorrow morning.

The bell rang and Prof. Drake said, “Class dismissed.”

I quickly gathered my things and headed out the door. Once outside I stopped and waited for Brandon. He came out and looked at me with the same expression as earlier. Neither of us said a word as we walked to our next class of day.


Brandon and I walked out of Professor Falmea’s classroom and headed for the dorm room door.

“Well,” I said as we arrived at the door, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve got to get my homework done before I head home for dinner.”

“Alright,” he said after whispering his password to the door, “Talk to you lat— Argh! Brutus get-”

When the door closed, I whispered my own password and walked through the doorway. To my surprise, Max was still asleep, but not for long. As I closed the door, his wings began to flutter and his nose twitched. His eyes slowly opened. He flew over to me and began to lick my hand. 

“Okay!” I said, laughing as I pulled out a piece of his favorite taffy.

“I’ve got some homework to do,” I told him as he snatched the taffy from my hand, “so I’ll need you to let me work. I’ll have Clickety come play with you when you’re done with the taffy.” I walked to my desk and began to work on the essay.

Why is it that Professor Drake is the only one that ever gives out homework? I thought as I wrote.

A few minutes later I noticed that Maximus had finished his treat. I quickly did the spell to summon Clickety, my wooden golem, to play with him. I then returned to writing the short essay.

Around five o’clock I finished it. I walked to the kitchen and filled Max’s bowl’s heading out the door. I closed my eyes and said the teleport spell. When I opened my eyes, the school was gone and giant tree was in it's place. I walked across the lawn and up the steps to the door, knocking quietly before opening it. As I walked in, I was met by the smell of cooking grilled cheese sandwiches and noodles. I had only just closed the door when I was embraced in a big hug by my Mom.

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